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31 March
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I have a lot to say about myself,
So this isn't going to be short.
I don't have blonde hair or blue eyes,
and I don't belong in a magazine.
I'm not a pretty girl and I'm out of shape.
I'm not cool or original.
I'm not trendy or admirable.
I'm very skinny but I do not have an eating disorder.
I'm extremely dependent on other people.
I'm selfish and I complain a lot.
I'm negative and emotionally unstable.
I'm cocky when I'm drunk,
And occasionally when I'm sober.
I'm usually pretty self confident.
I'll be nice to you even if you hate me.
I get very self concious around people
if I know they don't like me.
I trust people too much and too quickly.
I always let people down, or get let down.
I hate liars, and overly sarcastic people.
I hate people who think they know everything.
Music is the only thing keeping me alive.
I don't have as many friends as you think.
I hang out with my brother and his girlfriend
Because I don't have friends to make plans with.
I don't hide behind a smile.
I won't pretend I'm alright if I'm not.
If I want to know something, I'll ask.
I don't beat around the bush.
I'm very open and if I like you, you'll know.
I'm afraid of being hurt or used.
I hate the way I am when I'm alone.
I'm overdramatic and I overreact a lot.
I'm smart but I don't apply myself.
I throw myself at boys and try way too hard
to get them to like me.
I open up to them and allow myself to get hurt.
I'm deathly afraid of jet engines.
Not the jet, just the engine.
If I fly, I will not sit where I can see them.
If I do, I start to cry like a baby.
I don't like tall buildings or spiders.
I don't pretend to be someone I'm not.
I won't change for anyone.
I don't have the balls to stick up for myself
when someone older than me gives me shit,
So I just take it and try to forget about it.
I'm not really good at anything.
I have quit everything I tried to do.
I get frustrated very quickly and just give up.
I play the drums but I haven't been practicing lately.
Waterskiing is my passion
and I'd do it everyday if I could.
I hate winter and cold weather.
I love summer more than anything in the world.
I go to a camp in Vermont every year
Because everyone there is cooler than you'll ever be.
I hope to get my waterskiing vangaurd this summer.
Although most of you don't know what it is.
I come home just to go to Warped Tour, then go back.
I hate bad grammar and I'm extremely impatient.
I hate crowds and waiting in line at concerts.
I hate standing for long periods of time.
I type like a 10 year old and say things like:
LMFAO omfgzikjhfds jfkdhas LOLOL STFU kthx
I add "schv" to the beginning of words,
And "-ski" to the end of them.
Like my best friend, schveliza the jedi-ski.
I have the attention span of a goldfish.
I have really bad ADHD and I have to take adderall
which is part of the reason why I'm so skinny.
I hate being home on the weekends.
But somehow, it always ends up that way.
I like to take pictures of myself,
And I'm a myspace whore.
I love emo and anything acoustic.
I listen to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson at least once a day.
I live off of Mountain Dew and Pad Thai.
My name is Jill, and I'm fifteen.
I look older but act younger.
I like people who can make me smile.

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